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WP2 - Material Characterisation of Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCAs) and Recycled Aggregate Concretes (RACs) 


(i) To investigate both the microstructure organisation and macro-mechanical properties of RCA and to develop statistical analysis models for material characterisation of RCA.
(ii) To investigate and develop suitable testing methods for characterizing and controlling the quality of RCA.
(iii) To investigate the microstructure organisation of recycled aggregate concretes and to examine the distributions of both the old ITZs (between old mortar and old aggregate in RCA) and new ITZs (between new mortar and RCA) in recycled aggregate concretes.
(iv) To investigate the influence of RCA on the workability and mechanical properties (such as compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, elastic modulus, shrinkage, creep, etc.) of recycled aggregate concrete mixes.

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