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Workshop presentations

TRAC workshop 1 (27th Dec 2019)

Presentation 1: Chloride diffusion in recycled aggregate concrete

Presentation 2: New technologies applicable to recycled aggregate concrete and its structures

Presentation 3: Valorisation of in-situ soils and wastes from thermal power plants for manufacturing of construction materials

Presentation 4: Improvement of ITZ in concrete with RCA by chemical activation agents

Presentation 5: Carbonation treatment for properties enhancement of recycled concrete aggregates

Presentation 6: The present situation of the resourcefulization of the construction and demolition waste in Shenzhen

TRAC workshop 2 (30th Dec 2020)

Presentation 1: On the reactivity mechanism of supplementary cementitious materials by alkali activation

Presentation 2: Utilization of fine RCA together with MSWI bottom ashes

Presentation 3: Why rammed earth is designed to fulfil the circular economy principles in the construction sector? 

Presentation 4: Properties of self-consolidating concrete with rick husk ash and calcium carbonate powder 

Presentation 5: Recycling in construction material: case studies 

Presentation 6: Research on green concrete by utilizing FA and slags 

TRAC workshop 3 (19th Dec 2023)

Presentation 1: Research vision on Digital Circular Economy: bridging UK and Southeastern Asia

Presentation 2: Durability study of fine recycled concrete aggregate pretreated with alkali-activated slag

Presentation 3: Chloride migration in recycled aggregate concrete 

Presentation 4: Non-steady-state chloride migration of self-compacting concrete containing recycled concreate aggregate made of fly ash and silica fume: a study 

Presentation 5: Effect of recycled glass on strength development of alkali-activated high-calcium fly ash mortar

Presentation 6: Influence of Heterogeneity of recycled aggregates concrete on chloride penetration

Presentation 7: Evaluation of elastic modulus of concrete mixed with natural and recycled aggregates

Presentation 8: Managing construction and demolition waste in teh circular economy in Vietnam: Current status and future research directions 

TRAC workshop 4 (20th Dec 2023)

Presentation 1: Impact of high temperature exposure on polymer concrete

Presentation 2: Acid and fire resistances of fine recycled concrete aggregate pretreated with alkali-activated slag

Presentation 3: Post-fire compressive stress-strain behaviour of steel fibre reinforced recycled aggregate concrete 

Presentation 4: Thermo-mechanical behaviour of geopolymer recycled aggregate concrete 

Presentation 5: Durability study of carbonated cement paste subjected to high temperatures 

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