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There are five partners in the consortium of the TRAC project: the Univeristy of Plymouth (UoP, UK), Chalmers University of Technology (CHALMERS, Sweden), Phranakhon Rajabhat University (PNRU, Thailand), Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU, Vietnam), and Shenzhen University (SZU, China). The two EU partners have world-leading experts in the fields of concrete durability and concrete fire behaviour, and the three TC partners are actively involved in the research of RCA and the applications of corresponding recycled aggregate concretes. We have a wide experience in developing green concretes and the structural applications of recycled aggregate concretes.

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Dr Shanshan Cheng (Coordinator, UoP)

Prof Luping Tang (CHALMERS)

Dr Helen Jansson (CHALMERS)

Dr Prakasit Sokrai (PNRU)

Dr Duc-Hien Le (TDTU)

Dr Minh-Tung Tran (TDTU)

Dr Quoc-Bao Bui (TDTU)

Prof Dawang Li (SZU)

Prof Shi-cong Kou (SZU)

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